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This agreement is valid for the following applications:

  • CardViewer
  • ZCardViewer

Please read the agreement carefully before using one of the above listed applications. You are only permitted to use these applications, when you accept the terms of this agreement. When using the above listed applications you accept the terms of this agreeement automatically.

The item "application" is obtaining to all of the files that are available in the offered archives. The application and the appertaining archive should not be changed in any way.

The application is freeware, you can use it without any restrictions, you should not pay anything to buy it or to get a license. But the application is not "public domain", that means that every modification of the application or of parts of it is prohibited. It is as well prohibited to bundle the application or parts of it with other applications to sell it without the permission of the author.
If you want to add the application to a shareware-cd or a commercial used website please contact the author. It is allowed to forward the application when you do not want to make money with it.

There is no kind of warranty for the application. The user of the application is baring the risk concerning the quality and the function of the application. The author of the application can not be hold responsible for any damage that is caused by the application.

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