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KDE IO Slave for PhotoCDs

The program kio_photocd is a KDE IO Slave to read pictures from PotoCDs. The pictures on PhotoCDs are saved in the PCD format, which only few Linux programs can read directly. A PCD file contains the picture in different resolutions.

With help of the PhotoCD KDE IO Slave, the pictures can be read in different resolutions and in the PNG- or JPG-format. To use the KIO Slave, for example in Dolphin, only photocd: must precede the mount path of the CD.

For the mount path
for example:

Than Dolphin shows 2 directories, jpeg und png, which contains more directories for the pictures in the different resolutions.




ZCardViewer / CardViewer is a program for viewing REKO cardsets. This cardsets originally were used in the game Klondike on the Amiga, which can be downloaded from the Aminet. Meanwhile more programs for Amiga and PC exist which can use this REKO cardsets. According to this, there are many cardsets which different themes available on the Internet.

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