ZCardViewer / CardViewer is a program for viewing REKO cardsets. This cardsets originally were used in the game Klondike on the Amiga, which can be downloaded from the Aminet. Meanwhile more programs for Amiga and PC exist which can use this REKO cardsets. According to this, there are many cardsets which different themes available on the Internet.

The program is written for the Personal Java environment on the Sharp Zaurus, but it should work on other systems with a Java environment too. With BlackJack there is also a game planned, which use REKO cardsets too.

The program can view files in REKO format (file extension RKP or REKO). It can also view REKO files inside a Zip archive. In this case the first REKO file in the Zip archive is loaded.



The following files are freeware. Please read the freeware agreement here before downloading. With your download you accept the freeware agreement.



Contact information

For questions or suggestions about ZCardViewer / CardViewer you can use the contact form.



ZCardViewer with south tyrol cardset.
100% zoom


ZCardViewer with south tyrol cardset.
50% zoom


CardViewer running on Linux/KDE with south tyrol cardset.