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KDE IO Slave for PhotoCDs

KDE IO Slave for PhotoCDs

The program kio_photocd is a KDE IO Slave to read pictures from PotoCDs. The pictures on PhotoCDs are saved in the PCD format, which only few Linux programs can read directly. A PCD file contains the picture in different resolutions.

With help of the PhotoCD KDE IO Slave, the pictures can be read in different resolutions and in the PNG- or JPG-format. To use the KIO Slave, for example in Dolphin, only photocd: must precede the mount path of the CD.

For the mount path
for example:

Than Dolphin shows 2 directories, jpeg und png, which contains more directories for the pictures in the different resolutions.


The KDE IO Slave kio_photocd uses the libpcd library for reading PCD files. More informations about this library can be found under http://bytesex.org/libpcd.html.

The KDE IO Slave kio_photocd only comes as a source code archive. It must be compiled by yourself. Your Linux system must fulfil the requirements to compile C++/KDE programs and the libpcd library, including the development files (For openSUSE Leap 42.3 this is the package libpcd-devel), must be installed.

For openSUSE 42.3 the following steps for compiling and installation are necessary:

1) Extract the source code for example in the directory kio_photocd.

2) Create a new build directory build_kio_photocd in parallel to the kio_photocd directory an change into it.
mkdir build_kio_photocd
cd build_kio_photocd

3) Configure with cmake.

4) Compile.

5) Install (root access necessary)
make install


This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2. For more informations see file COPYING.


kio_photocd.tar.bz Source Code archive KIO PhotoCD Version 0.1. 

Contact information

For questions or suggestions about KDE IO Slave for PhotoCDs you can use the contact form.


Main directory of the mounted PhotoCD in normal file view 

Main directory of the mounted PhotoCD with PhotoCD KIO Slave.

KIO PhotoCD View of the directories with the different image resolutions.

KIO PhotoCD View of an image directory in Dolphin preview mode.

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