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Minetest Gallery Mod

Minetest Gallery Mod

A gallery mod for Minetest to decorate your rooms with nice pictures.

To install the mod, just copy the directory gallery to the mods directory of your Minetest installation or to the worldmods directory in one of your world directories. You can find more informations about installing mods at the Minetest Wiki.

The pictures are located in the subdir textures in the gallery directory. You can replace the pictures with your own pictures or add some more pictures. The pictures have to be in png format and follow the naming scheme picture_x.png. Where x has to be replaced by the consecutive number.

Download: gallery.zip

You can find the source code of the mod on github: Gallery mod

Get it with:

git clone https://github.com/blachner/gallery.git


Screenshot with some gallery mod pictures in Minetest 0.4

Screenshot of gallery mod



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