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ZCardViewer / CardViewer is a program for viewing REKO cardsets. This cardsets originally were used in the game Klondike on the Amiga, which can be downloaded from the Aminet. Meanwhile more programs for Amiga and PC exist which can use this REKO cardsets. According to this, there are many cardsets which different themes available on the Internet.

FrodoGUI - Control program for Frodo on the Sharp Zaurus



FrodoGUI is a control program for the Zaurus version of the C64 emulator Frodo. It replace the TCL/TK programm from the Linux/PC version of Frodo.

ZShopi - The electronical shoppinglist



ZShopi was meant as an electronical shopping list for the Zaurus. Instead of using slips of paper to notice your shopping list you can now use your Zaurus. You just have to choose the good from the goods-list and decide how much you need. No typing is necessary. The goods can be sorted by shops. In the shop you can check off the goods you already have in your cart by using the stylus or the keys (Cursor key and O.K. key). Later the bought goods can be deleted from the shopping list.

Frodo - C64 Emulator for Sharp Zaurus



Frodo is a C64 emulator devolped by Christian Bauer. Frodo is ported to many computer systems. Amongst other systems this are Linux, Amiga OS, Risc OS, BeOS und EPOC. The actual version of Frodo can use the SDL library (Simple DirectMedia Layer) for graphic output. The SDL is also available for the Sharp Zaurus.

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