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ZShopi - The electronical shoppinglist



ZShopi was meant as an electronical shopping list for the Zaurus. Instead of using slips of paper to notice your shopping list you can now use your Zaurus. You just have to choose the good from the goods-list and decide how much you need. No typing is necessary. The goods can be sorted by shops. In the shop you can check off the goods you already have in your cart by using the stylus or the keys (Cursor key and O.K. key). Later the bought goods can be deleted from the shopping list.

ZShopi Version 0.2 has three different views:

  • Shopping list view ... already bought goods can be checked off and if needed fully deleted
  • Data view ... here you can view, edit and delete all kind of data (goods, good-groups, unit-groups, shops).
  • Preferences-view ... for the import and export of the database.

Explanation of the icons in the Main-View

A new good can be added to the shopping-list.
The choosen good can be deleted from the shopping-list.
The amount and the shop for the choosen good can be changed.
The shopping-list will be cleaned-up, that means that the checked goods will be deleted from the shoppping-list.

The database
The database layout (goods belongs to goods-groups, every good has a special unit-group, ...) was thought to make adding goods to the shopping-list as easy as possible.
If you want to delete something it may be possible that it is prohibited. That can disturb at first, but this was implemented to save the dependencies of the database.

Database example

If you want you can use our little english database example (Download). Please install ZShopi first.
To use this Database you have to import it in the programm. This is possible in the View "Preferencs" (change view in the ComboBox at bottom).
If you dont want to use the database example a new empty database is created automatically.

Installation instructions

The offered package was tested on a Zaurus SL5500G with the Sharp-ROM 3.1 based tkc-ROM 1.0.

ZShopi needs SQLite. It must be installed before ZShopi.


ZShopi Version 0.2 ... the ipk-package for the Zaurus.

SQLite Version 2.7.1 ... this ipk-package need to be installed befor ZShopi.

ZShopi source-code-archiv ... contains the source-code of ZShopi.

Contact informations

If you have questions and new ideas for ZShopi you can use the contact-formular.


(10.11.2003) Changes to version 0.2

  • Editing is now possible in all tables.
  • In the main-window the text on the buttons has to be replaced by icons.
  • A third window was added, that is used for preferences.
  • The import and export of databeses is now possible. So the problem with the changing home directory is solved.



Screenshots of ZShopi on the Zaurus.

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