Frodo - C64 Emulator for Sharp Zaurus



Frodo is a C64 emulator devolped by Christian Bauer. Frodo is ported to many computer systems. Amongst other systems this are Linux, Amiga OS, Risc OS, BeOS und EPOC. The actual version of Frodo can use the SDL library (Simple DirectMedia Layer) for graphic output. The SDL is also available for the Sharp Zaurus.

For the Sharp Zaurus I have done some small changes, because the screen resoultion and the keyboard are a little different to a normal PC. The source code with this changes is available under the download section. On the PC, Frodo also uses a TCL/TK program to change the emulators parameters. This TCL/TK programm is not very useful on the Zaurus, therfore I programmed a Qtopia version (FrodoGUI) of it.


Installation instructions

The ipk package in the download section is tested on a Zaurus SL5500G. At the moment a Zaurus model with a keyboard is needed to use the emulator.

The emulator needs also C64 ROM files. For copyright reasons this files are not included in the ipk package. This files can, for example, copied from a original C64. After Frodo is installed on the Zaurus, this files must be copied to "/opt/QtPalmtop/bin/frodo". The following files are needed:

The filenames must be exactly written as above (spaces, case sensitive). More informations about the ROM files can be found on the Frodo homepage.

Frodo needs also a actual version of the SDL library installed on the Zaurus. You can find a SDL package under Download. Frodo should also work with other actual packages of the SDL library.

Operating instructions for the Frodo Zaurus version


Known bugs



0.1 to 0.2:


Quellcode archive with all changes for the Frodo Zaurus version.

Frodo IPK Frodo package for Zaurus.

Zaurus SDL Actual SDL library package for the Zaurus.


Screenshots / Photos 

Screenshot of Frodo running on the Zaurus SL5500.



Frodo on the Zaurus C700.