FrodoGUI - Control program for Frodo on the Sharp Zaurus



FrodoGUI is a control program for the Zaurus version of the C64 emulator Frodo. It replace the TCL/TK programm from the Linux/PC version of Frodo.

For choosing the C64 disk-/tape-images or a C64 program directory, FrodoGUI uses the file dialog from the QT extension library. At the moment, the file dialog is included as source code in FrodoGUI. That means, that it is not necessary to install the QT extension library. 



Installation instructions

The ipk package in the download section is tested on a Zaurus SL5500G. FrodoGUI is only useful if the C64 emulator Frodo is also installed .


Source code archive of FrodoGUI.

FrodoGUI IPK FrodoGUI package for the Zaurus.


Contakt informations

You can reach the autor of frodogui via the contact formular.




Screenshots of FrodoGUI running on the Zaurus.



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